All of our classes are appropriate for any fitness level. Our highly-trained instructors are focused on you and will show modifications to take it down or really pump it up! #elitefit4all



This high-intensity dance workout mixes up-to-the-minute moves with strength training that hits all 3 major muscle groups. Set to the hottest new music, you get a full-body workout that torches 600 calories while giving you a fun, beat-driven dance workout.


True total body fusion. This workout takes the high-octane, beat-pulsing intensity of cardio Interval (HIIT) and fuses it with intense strength work that targets every body part. It’s a sweat-dripping workout that incinerates fat and shreds muscle, giving you all the power in just one hour.


Targeted, muscle-carving sets followed by shorter bursts of high-intensity cardio kickstart your metabolism to keep calories burning for hours after the workout is done. Balanced to hit every muscle in the abs, lower and upper body, Flip takes you right to the top of strength and endurance.



A cardio-plus-strength class designed to engage and chisel the entire core and target v-line abs for a body to boast about. Every move focused on core strength throughout the entire torso, shaping obliques to pull in the waistline and six-pack focus to shape and flatten your midsection. This class is a must-have in your fitness regime!


Our homage to old-school kickboxing, we short jab, hard punch and uppercut to the beats while we front, back and roundhouse kick our way out of a stress-filled day. We chisel the upper and lower body using the philosophy of “mind-to-muscle connection”. It’s fun. It’s intense. It’s Strike!

STRENGTH 30, 45 AND 60

Sculpt lean, fat-burning muscle using dumbbells and body-weight resistance for a tight, toned physique in 30, 45, or 60 minutes. This pure strength class will transform your body.


Brought to you through BeachBody, this no-impact class takes the principles of Joseph Pilates and fuses it with mainstream yoga, body-weight resistance and calisthenics. PiYo brings you a sweat-dripping, beat-pulsing, high-intensity workout that will completely change your body and leave you wanting more!



Small-group personal training that limits the number of students to keep it truly personal. These are classes that are geared to individual strengths as well as limitations. Modifications given for every particular need, Group PT pushes your fitness to the next level while building strength and confidence.


Geared to individual needs and goals, private personal training revolves around you. After an evaluation, we’ll discuss a game plan that will help you hit those goals while providing a fun, safe environment with a certified personal trainer in a private setting. Regardless of your current fitness level, private personal training takes you to the next level and progresses you session by session. Perfect for beginners just starting out or seasoned fitchicks looking to perfect their form and increase their strength.


At EliteFit, we embrace the connection of body, mind and spirit. Our classes are beginner level with focus on flexibility; a perfect compliment to our hard-hitting cardio and strength classes. No judgement, no expectation; just you on your mat at your own practice. Simple flows and gentle stretching fused with aromatherapy, candlelight and soft music enable you to connect to your innermost self with love and acceptance. At EliteFit Yoga, our goals are met when you reach the understanding that you are a perfect being surrounded by light, love and peace. Namaste’


Equal parts of high and low intensity cardio bursts and strength training, this format carves your physique into the strongest, most fit ever. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) unleashed!


* A format in addition to the monthly membership. (Personal Training only)